Samad Power has built exceptionally strong R&D capabilities in the field of micro gas turbine and distributed power generation including; scientific and technical expertise, in-house rapid prototyping of complex components, and highly instrumented test facility. These have allowed Samad Power R&D team to undertake complex and technically challenging projects and complete them successfully to deliver first of kind solutions.

Projects overview:
Turbo Green Boiler (currently under field trial) is the first wall hung mCHP system with capability to replace system boilers (introduced into UK market by Q4 2019). TwinGen is the next generation of mCHP systems which will address a larger market of combi boilers and is currently under development. A renewable version of mCHP micro gas turbine system is also under development and the technology demonstrator will be ready by Q3 2019. To take the technology to it next level and build a zero emission mCHP system, Samad Power has conducted a BEIS-funded feasibility study on use of hydrogen for its innovative systems. The company is moving to the next stage to develop a fully certified Hydrogen burning TGB by Q2 2021.

TGB Field Trial

Samad Power Ltd’s micro-turbine TGB (Turbo Green Boiler) is a Combined Heat and Power system, capable of producing up to 3 kW of electricity, whilst simultaneously providing 10 kW to 17 kW of heat for hot water and space heating requirements. Following the successful operation and performance tests in the labenvironment, TGB is now going through CE certification and extensive field trial in representative environment for endurance test. Further optimisation and tunning are expected to take place during this phase and market ready product will be approved for production at the end this project.


TwinGen is the second generation of Samad Power’s domestic micro combined heat and power systems. With capability to generate 2 kW of electricity and 10 kW of heat simultaneously, TwinGen is destined to address 72% of the UK boiler market currently served by “combi” boilers. It is designed to allow simple integration to existing branded boilers, replacing the burner and fan while leaving many of the other component parts in place, thus reducing overall costs and forming an attractive business proposition for boiler OEMs. The project will enable this “add-in” product to be accelerated to market from TRL 4 to TRL 6.


SolGATS is a unique gas turbine power generation system powered by solar energy. The project aims at the development of a concentrated solar power (CSP) parabolic dish system generating electricity using a micro gas turbine (MGT) with thermo-chemical energy storage, which can be used in combined power, heating and cooling. The aim is to advance current MGT-CSP technology and integrate it with a solar dish technology and high temperature thermal storage technology to provide an optimised system that can produce energy from solar power reliably while minimising the need for backup power thus maximising environmental benefit.


Hy4Heat is a £25m innovation programme, commissioned by BEIS, to determine whether it is technically possible, safe, and convenient to replace natural gas (methane) with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances. Samad Power is one of the winners to conduct feasibility study to check the viability of running TGB (Turbo Green Boiler) on hydrogen. Should it be possible to build a hydrogen version of TGB, it will be the first zero emission destributed power and heat generation system in the world. This is expected to progress to phase 2 with focus on build of prototype and certification.