Samad Power is constantly developing new and innovative technologies to provide viable solutions for renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly applications, such as domestic micro CHPs, Trigeneration, Concentrated Solar Power Micro Gas Turbines and Electric Vehicles.

Micro CHP

Micro combined heat and power (known as micro-CHP, or m-CHP) comprises a range of technologies which are designed to produce both heat and electric power simultaneously within individual houses and small-scale commercial premises. To date, most new m-CHP heating and power systems based on these technologies have suffered from three principal drawbacks: Lack of consumer confidence regarding reliability; Price; and Unfamiliar operating cycles.

With these issues in mind, the Samad Power team set out to develop a micro-CHP system which, as far as possible, looks and behaves like a conventional gas boiler. Unlike other more complex micro-CHP technologies, Samad Power’s TGB and TwinGen products have been designed as straightforward replacement units for existing gas boilers. Both products are effectively gas boilers with a built-in micro gas turbine, which generates electricity. Although they will cost slightly more than standard condensing boilers, they will be simple to install and will not require any replumbing or changes to a customer’s existing central heating system.

Power Electronics

As the electric energy revolution gathers pace and renewable sources replace fossil fuels, it is clear that power electronics are likely to become an inseparable and vital part of nearly all future electrical energy systems for efficient generation and flexible conversion and conditioning. There is now widespread industry recognition that developing a sophisticated power electronics capability represents a complex and challenging discipline for any company that might be considering doing it in-house.

Thanks to our high-speed micro gas turbine projects and highly-trained engineering team, we have developed power electronics solutions for a wide range of applications. Using Field Oriented Control (FOC) and sophisticated control algorithms, we are able to supply effective power conversion for speed or torque control for Permanent Magnet and high-performance AC Induction motors.

Permanent Magnet Motor

Permanent magnet motors are currently employed in a wide variety of highly specialised and demanding applications, including turbo-machines, high-speed spindles, hybrid vehicle traction and electric air propulsion. Samad Power has dedicated a significant part of its resources to the design and development of PM motors and associated technologies.

Since its inception the company has been involved across a range of R&D activities aimed at developing customised solutions for a high-speed turbo-machinery while lowering the manufacturing costs. We can provide high-speed PM motors with up to 230,000 rpm and up to 4 kW of power, as well as low-speed PM motors with up to 2.6 N.m/kg torque density. Depending on the environmental conditions and customer specifications, the rotor’s sleeve can be made from steel alloys or carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.

Air Bearing

Samad Power has used the latest air foil bearings technology for its micro gas turbines. It has the expertise and facilities required to design and manufacture custom air bearings. Projects such as TwinGen and SolGATS have micro gas turbines utilising air foil bearings, enabling them to operate at extremely high speeds and high temperatures, whilst being completely oil free.  The air foil bearings are designed specifically for the application with optimised load capacity, stiffness and with minimal losses.

Air bearings are considered superior to conventional ball bearings and oil bearings for the application of turbo machinery because they run with considerably lower losses, significantly less vibration and noise.  The absence of the need for liquid cooling allows the machine architecture to be compact without requiring auxiliary cooling or support systems.

Air foil bearings have three key advantages over conventional air bearings:

  • They are robust and can endure random shocks, excessive vibrations and rapid changes in temperature.
  • They are self-acting bearings and hence can generate sufficient air pressure to carry loads as the shaft rotates to its operating speeds.
  • Manufacturing costs are far lower compared to standard high precision rigid air bearings.

Samad Power and Omega Dot have invested in developing the reliability of their air foil bearings.  The bearings have a protective ultra-low friction polymer coating that can endure more than 10,000 start-stops without causing coating wear.  The bearing’s damping features can pass large shaft vibration modes without damaging the foils or the shaft.  The air foil bearings are manufactured to the highest quality and tested extensively using dedicated test rigs.


Trigeneration or Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP), is the process by which some of the heat produced by a cogeneration plant is used to generate chilled water for air conditioning or refrigeration.

Samad Power intends to integrate its micro CHP technology with Absorption or Adsorption Chiller technologies to build a Trigeneration system that can be used in a variety of applications that require a mixture of heating and cooling, such as commercial and domestic air conditioning, data centre cooling, industrial process cooling, and also in other places such as supermarkets and warehouses for fridge cooling and space heating.


Samad Power is interested in joint innovative R&D projects with other OEMs, technology providers and universities especially in the energy sector to combine the benefit of the gas turbine with other innovative technologies to tackle challenges especially related to increase of efficiency and to the reduction of emission in energy driven applications.