Turbo Green Burner

Micro Turbine Bakery Burner

Addressing electricity trilemma is crucial for South Africa and Sub-Saharan African countries to speed up their development. In addition, power has to be made available for households and businesses in remote locations to allow effective utilisation of available natural resources and labour force. Turbo Green Burner (TGB12) is a unique proposition which addresses the energy trilemma by providing low cost power generation, better control over security of supply and reducing emissions whilst making power available in remote locations.

Turbo Green Burner

Multi Fuel Micro CHP System

The focus of this project is to build on the proven technology developed by Samad Power and bring a low cost, reliable and highly efficient distributed power generation (DPG) systems to industries with a high demand for heat to increase their energy efficiency and electricity accessibility, while reducing the cost of electricity and dependency on the grid. Turbo Green Burner has a low emission multi-fuel combustion chamber allowing it to run on natural gas, Diesel, Bio-Gass, LNG and Kerosin, which will increase the adaption rate and avoid the need for specific fuel, subject to availability.
The project outcome will be a low cost, low emission and reliable micro Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) system generating 200kW of heat and 12kW of electricity to replace conventional burners using micro gas turbine as its prime mover and transform the industrial systems to operate independent of the power grid. This highly adaptive industrial mCHP system is called Turbo Green Burner and its addition to consortiums’ product portfolio will enable access to SSA and SA booming markets.

Technical Specifications

Conventional Generation Vs CHP