In addition to our standard products, we are proud to introduce a new range of educational equipment developed by Samad Power which is intended to provide an experimental environment for students, researchers and engineers, to explore the fundamentals, principles and applied knowledge relevant to the cutting-edge technologies including small-scale low-carbon generation using gas turbine technology.

Gas Turbine Whiteboard

Gas turbine technology continues to lead the power and propulsion industry around the world. Major efforts are now being dedicated to the development of small-scale gas turbine engines for distributed power generation and also combined heat and power. The increasing use of gas turbine engines requires a better understanding of this technology.

We have developed a small size micro gas turbine power plant which is called ‘Gas Turbine Whiteboard’.  It aims to provide the user with fundamentals, principles and practical knowledge relevant to the understanding of gas turbine design and operation.

Parameter Value
Engine type Micro Gas Turbine
Engine configuration Single-shaft, simple cycle
Turbomachinery Centrifugal compressor, radial turbine
Alternator High speed permanent magnet
Ignition system Full sequence automatic spark ignition
Fuel type Natural gas, bio-methane
Data reading Full instrumentation and sensors
Rotor speed 170,000 rpm
Service intervals > 2,000 hours
Flue gas temperature 60 ⁰C
  • Wall-hung size
  • Easy to operate
  • Full instrumentation
  • User-friendly control interface
  • Relatively short installation time
  • Low investment and operating cost
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements