Engineering Services

Turbomachinery Design

Relying on our empirical design knowledge built over decades of experience and highly-skilled engineering team, we believe we are the right partner for your turbomachinery design. We will work closely with you to understand your application, specific requirements and constraints in order to fulfil your engineering needs. Samad Power is your complete resource from a 1D design and analysis to prototype parts and experimental testing.

We can analyse your specifications and supply tailored solutions for turbomachines, including:

  • Axial Flow Turbines
  • Radial Inflow Turbines
  • Axial-Flow Compressors
  • Centrifugal Compressors

The first important step is to identify your project requirements such as performance, target cost, and service life. Then, using our design know-how, in-house codes and industry leading tools, we will create a solution to meet your expectations.

Rotor Dynamics

Designing high speed rotational parts requires perfect rotor dynamics design for a reliable high-speed operation of the shaft assembly. Having achieved reliable operation with 170,000 rpm design speed in our range of micro gas turbine engines, we believe that our engineering team possess the right skills and expertise for calculating the complete dynamic performance of rotors to ensure that no destructive vibrations will occur in the rotational part of the system. Based on many years of practical experience and experimental activities we offer complete rotor dynamic analysis, vibration analysis, bearing performance and balancing calculations.

Combustion Chamber Design

Samad Power has a highly skilled team of engineers in the field of gas turbine combustion, reinforced by experimental facilities, ready to support and complement your design needs. We originally established our own gas turbine combustor development programme in order to build a customised solution for a micro turbine CHP system.
Combining ANSYS software with Samad Power’s engineering experience and know-how has given us the capability to perform analysis and run simulations for any given combustor design – including Can/Annular, DLE, and multi fuel capability. We have recently focused on the development of the highly efficient Hydrogen combustion chambers with particular attention to the problems of minimising gaseous pollutant emissions and low NOx design strategies.

CAD & CAE Services

Design is an everyday task at Samad Power. We provide cost-effective and professional engineering design and analysis services specially in CAD and CFD. We offer a full range of CAD drafting services to the highest standards. Our engineering team will work closely with you to support you with any 3D design work and to produce standard manufacturing drawings so as to turn your ideas into models ready for manufacture.

Power Electronics

Emerging power sources such as micro turbines, solar panels and wind turbines are changing the landscape of energy supply and usage. It is clear that power electronics are becoming vital part of nearly all future electrical energy systems for efficient, flexible, and smart conversion.
Taking advantage of our in-house capabilities, we offer Frequency Converter design for your needs, including both high-speed and low speed applications for driving permanent magnet motors and also induction motors. We provide a reliable and cost-effective solution by implementing a sophisticated control architecture and removing the position sensor of the rotor.