While addressing the current energy needs of domestic market, Samad Power has a vision to keep its pioneering position by investing in future technologies. To build a sustainable power grid and satisfy the growing demand of heat and power whilst reducing CO2, energy efficient products coupled with technologies such as CCSU and capability to run on renewable fuel will be the key. Samad Power will utilise its strong relationship with Academic and Business partners coupled with support from UK government to build the future solutions.

Samad Power has built exceptionally strong R&D capabilities in the field of micro gas turbine and distributed power generation including; scientific and technical expertise, in-house rapid prototyping of complex components, and highly instrumented test facility. These have allowed Samad Power R&D team to undertake complex and technically challenging projects and complete them successfully to deliver first of kind solutions.

Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power

The UK and EU market for larger CHP and CCHP units based on micro gas turbine in the power range above 25kW electrical started growing in the last few years due to the reduction in costs and better understanding of the environmental and economic benefits of these systems. This has started to take significant share of growing market from reciprocating engines, particularly due to increased concern about the high NOx emissions of IC engines and the high maintenance costs and down time which are alleviated by the use of micro gas turbines (MGTs). The launch of several IC base CHP systems of the 10kWe power range reflects increased interest from the market although their high capital costs and large size is still restricting wider expansion. Independent market research shows demand from potential customers such as motorway service stations, if suitable MGT based units become available.

Samad Power has developed and tested a prototype of a micro gas turbine generating 10 kW electricity and 40 kW heat (recuperated) and is intending to offer low emission MGT based CCHP unit in >10kW power range for small supermarkets, schools, motorway service stations, care homes, gyms and blocks of flats or similar size premises.

Super-Fast Charging

Samad Power is proposing a compact, zero carbon, reliable, fast deployable and cost effective solution to super-fast charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs), addressing both short-term and long-term EV development roadmap. By utilising a proven turboshaft gas turbine generator, hydrogen compatible combustion system, battery pack, and a smart energy management strategy, the proposed grid independent charging station with a 600 kW prime mover is capable of providing instant power to charge 10 EVs simultaneously. SuperCharGen will address the EV user range anxiety without putting extra burden on power grid which is already tested to its limit in winter.