Samad Power History



Samad Power was founded by a group of Cranfield University graduates, and the development of a micro gas turbine engine began.

Proof of Market


A proof of market research was done by Cranfield School of Management, followed by valuation of the company by the MPA Group (for fund raising).

Proof Of Concept


Micro Turbine CHP Boiler concept was formed and achieved experimental proof of concept level to underpin TRL2.

Technology Validation


Angel Investments and DECC grant enabled the company to progress the technology from TRL2 through to TRL4.

Industry Attention


Micro Turbine CHP boiler gained attention of stakeholders, ranging from boiler OEMs, turbocharger OEMs, utility companies and contract manufacturers.

Top Clean-Tech Company


Awarded top Clean-Tech company in the Climate KIC’S UK and Ireland Venture competition.

Air Bearing Technology


Received equity from angels and grant funding from Innovate UK to develop a 2kW air bearing engine. Invited by City University to develop a 10kW solar-powered microturbine system for Chinese market.

Certification And Field Trial


Awarded grant by BEIS for certification and field trial of its first micro CHP boiler to advance the technology readiness from TRL6 to TRL8.

Regulatory Change Impact


Introduction of GAR certification, discontinuation of electricity generation subsidies, Brexit, and announcement of 2050 Net-Zero strategy impacted Samad business model and time to market.



In-kind value investment in sister company Samad Aerospace Ltd, which is active in development of hybrid electric VTOL business jets.

Bakery Burner Application


Awarded grant by Innovate UK to integrate Samad’s gas turbine engines as bakery burner in Sub-Saharan African market with multi-fuel combustion and grid-independent capability.

Solar Turbo CHP


Awarded grant by Innovate UK to develop a semi-renewable off-grid multi-fuel micro gas turbine CHP unit with parabolic solar dish, thermal storage, and battery storage for Sub Saharan African market.