Hydrogen micro CHP

Prototype Hydrogen micro CHP Boiler

Renewably sourced Hydrogen has great potential for future energy supply. The merits of a range of scenarios are examined by the UK government for decarbonising heating in buildings. As such, the desire to meet legally-binding emissions reduction targets by 2050 is driving the strategic decisions on the future of the gas grid, to replace natural gas (methane) with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances.
The Hy4Heat programme has been commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to evaluate the technical and safety challenges associated with hydrogen deployment as an option for decarbonising heat. Consequently, Samad Power has focused on use of Hydrogen in its systems as an alternative zero-carbon fuel and was successfully awarded a Hy4Heat contract (tender) by BEIS in 2019 for development and deployment of a Hydrogen burning version of its micro CHP boiler.

Competitive Advantage

In comparison to conventional natural gas fired boilers and grid supplied electricity, a Hydrogen micro CHP boiler offers tonnes of CO2 reduction. This innovative appliance can work safely with hydrogen and maintain similar efficiency and cost levels compared to the natural gas burning device, while providing lower NOx emissions.
Unlike conventional boilers, the unit is working based on non-premixed combustion approach with lower risk of fire flash back. The fuel and the air will only mix once they are inside the closed combustion chamber, hence there will be no possibility of the leakage of combustible air-fuel mixture in the flammability range outside the burning chamber.