Energy catalyst round 7: mid stage

December 2019

Samad Power was awarded £413 grant to develop a solar turbo CHP unit for Sub Saharan African market with a number of UK and South African partners, including University of Pretoria (South Africa), University of Birmingham, Cranfield University as academic partners and Brits Energy (UK) and LEMS Energy Management Services (South Africa) as commercial partners, for a semi-renewable off-grid CHP unit based on micro gas turbine with parabolic solar dish, thermal storage, battery storage, and multi-fuel combustion.


May 2019

Domestic hydrogen gas appliance development


Phase 2 Prototype Development of Hydrogen Domestic Micro Combined Heat and Power TGB


09 November 2018

Samad Power is delighted to announce the award of £19,429 contract in Domestic Hydrogen Appliance Development Innovation SBRI Competition (Hy4Heat WP4), by UK Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The project involves Phase 1 Solution Design (Feasibility Study) for Development of Hydrogen Domestic Micro Combined Heat and Power TGB.
Safety of a system is the main concern while replacing a natural gas with Hydrogen burning appliance. The other important factors are to maintain high system efficiency, low NOx emission, and cost affordability better than or at least similar to natural gas burning appliance. Initial studies have shown that while TGB can work safely with Hydrogen and can maintain similar efficiency and cost levels, it is expected that the level of NOx will be lower in comparison to the natural gas burning device.


15 June 2018

Samad Power is delighted to announce the award of £670,000 grant (£1,232,354 total project cost) in Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) Phase 6 competition, by UK Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for manufacturing the pre-production version of Samad’s Turbo Green Boiler (TGB), and taking it through certification and field trials.
Samad Power Ltd’s micro-turbine TGB (Turbo Green Boiler) is a Combined Heat and Power system, capable of producing up to 2kW of electricity, whilst simultaneously providing 15 to 30kW of heat for hot water and space heating requirements. It is suitable for large residential houses and blocks of flats, as well as commercial sites like supermarkets, warehouses, care homes, gyms, etc. Samad Power will work with notified certification body, certification test lab, field testing partner (Clear Blue Energy), and interested future customers, including utility companies, boiler manufacturers, and domestic and commercial end-users to conduct certification and field trial of 15 TGB systems.

Innovate UK Award: SolGATS

25 March 2017

Samad Power is pleased to announce the award of £350,000 grant (£999,396 total project cost) in Innovate UK Newton Fund (China-UK Research and Innovation Bridges Competition) for development of a concentrated Solar Micro Gas Turbine System (SolGATS) with Thermal Energy Storage.
The collaborative project aims at integrating micro gas turbine systems developed by City University London in collaboration with Samad Power Ltd in the UK with a concentrated solar power parabolic dish with high temperature thermal energy storage allowing for the production of combined electricity, heating and cooling from solar power which reduces the need for backup power and contributes to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The developed system can operate in standalone mode to provide distributed energy to remote areas thus eliminating transmission losses and reducing grid infrastructure costs. It also can be stacked in a modular manner to provide flexible medium scale power generation. The overall impact is reduction in emissions and reducing poverty and promoting social welfare by creating jobs in the resulting industry in China. It will also support the UK economy through large market for the UK high tech industries in micro gas turbines and their supply chain.

Innovate UK Award: TwinGen

15 January 2017

Innovate UK: Infrastructure Systems
Samad Power is delighted to announce the award of £870,000 grant (£1,574,209 total project cost) in Innovate UK Infrastructure Systems Round 1 competition for development of ‘TwinGen’, a domestic CHP system with fast response characteristics similar to Combination boilers. TwinGen utilises a patented technology (owned by Samad Power) and has been designed to be integrated within existing branded boilers, replacing the burner and fan while leaving many of the other component parts in place, thus reducing overall costs and forming an attractive licensing proposition for boiler OEMs. This revolutionary configuration represents a breakthrough for reaching the boiler replacement market, and has been welcomed by project partners who will be assisting Samad in development of the technology.

Climate-KIC Award

24 October 2016

Samad Power is named the Top Clean-Tech title in the Climate KIC’S UK and Ireland Venture Competition Prize 2016.
We won a 20,000 EUR prize and will be one of the two UK representatives in European wide Climate-KIC competition in Frankfurt on 8th of November.
Samad Power was chosen because of its revolutionary technology, clear market entry route, close collaboration with its client and attractive commercial proposition.

Climate-KIC Prize

2015 / 2016

Samad Power was announced the UK Prize winner of Climate-KIC Incubation Programme at Stages 1 and 3, winning €20,000 and €30,000 prizes for 2015-2016 period. Samad Power’s Turbo Green Boiler was assessed by a judging panel of Imperial College of London on a combination of climate impact, the strength of the innovation, the scalability of the idea, the team and the chances of market success.
Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on creating products and process to combat climate change.

Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

14 August 2014

Samad Power is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The company is receiving £800,000 grant (£1,125,275 total project cost) to be spent as part of the cost to certify its innovative micro turbine CHP boiler followed by a field trial in 2015.
The objective of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) is to support, through capital grants, the development and demonstration of innovative technologies and/or processes in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation and energy storage. The scheme seeks the best ideas, which satisfy the following criteria:

  • Significant positive impact on 2020 and 2050 low carbon targets or security of supply
  • Technically viable innovation accompanied by a coherent development plan that will commercially progress the innovation
  • Best value for money

Samad Power is also eligible to enjoy the incubation support this scheme provides. Specialist advisers from DECC will work with Samad Power to prepare commercial plans and actions that will increase the chance of successfully bringing the innovation to market or reduce the time to market.

TSB Innovation Voucher Round 5

05 October 2013

Samad Power is proud to be one of the companies that received the Innovation Voucher worth £5000 from the Technology Strategy Board. The idea behind the Innovation Voucher is to help SMEs seek external expertise either from Industry or Academia to innovate, develop and grow.
The external expert will help Samad Power to develop the appropriate Control System and Power Electronics to satisfy the unique high-frequency and high-speed design features of motor/generator in our Turbo Green Boiler.

Low Carbon KEEP Grant

04 July 2013

Samad Power is proud to receive the Low Carbon KEEP grant worth £16,600.
The Low Carbon KEEP program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the East of England Development Agency (EEDA). The grant itself comes from the “Lead Organisation”, Anglia Ruskin University. The programme is launched in order to promote Knowledge Transfer Partnerships between businesses and universities to transfer knowledge and experience. A specifically recruited graduate will work with Samad Power and Cranfield University (the “Knowledge Base Partner”) to deliver academic expertise and gain industrial knowledge.
KEEP program was established in order to help small and medium sized businesses to save carbon in their own company or in customers’ homes. Samad Power’s Turbo Green Boiler is a unique micro turbine technology that not only provides heat and hot water but also electricity and enables to match daily and seasonal energy demands of the households all year round.
With the received award, Samad Power is able to research and produce a boiler that is environmentally friendly and helps people to save money.

EEDA: Innovation Voucher

12 January 2011

Samad Power is delighted to announce that it received the Innovation Voucher worth £3000 from the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) to conduct research on effective strategies for the commercialisation of its novel Turbo Green Boiler.
In order to improve its marketing strategy, Samad Power will look into different aspects of marketing such as business plan, investors, licencing, routes to market, market segmentation, and sales forecast.

EEDA: Proof of Market Fund

05 November 2010

Samad Power is delighted to announce that it received the Proof of Market Fund worth £14,480 as part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme to support “low carbon economic growth”.
The fund has come through the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) to support the research on assessment into the potential markets for Domestic CHP Micro Turbine.
Samad Power with the help of experts from Cranfield School of Management has executed market research, market testing, competitor analysis and other methods to identify the market for the Micro CHP product.