With our highly qualified design and development team and in-house production capabilities, we offer a wide range of permanent magnet electric motors to give you the maximum flexibility you need from High speed (optimised power) to Low speed (optimised torque).

High Speed PM Motors

Designed for our micro gas turbine application, the current product portfolio includes PM electric motors with a power density of 4.5 kW/kg and a speed of up to 230,000 rpm. Depending on the environmental conditions and customer specifications, the sleeve of the rotor can be made from steel alloys or carbon-fibre reinforced plastic. Our most recent product can generate up to 3 kW of power at 170,000 rpm with 90% output efficiency. This product is fully compatible with the requirements of high-speed micro gas turbines that require two-way energy transmission. It’s also suitable for all applications that require high speed, including: micro-CHP, dental-medical, precision machineries, high-performance compressed air ventilators, vacuum cleaners and fuel cells.

Parameter Value
 Power 2.5 kW
Speed 170,000 rpm
 Frequency 2833 Hz
 Voltage 230 VAC
 Current 6.7 A
Number of poles 2
Outside diameter 44.00 mm
Total length (max) 105 mm
Cooing Water
Max. Temp 100°C
  • Compact design
  • Easy integration
  • Robustness
  • Efficiency
  • Precision

Low Speed PM Motors

With a compact size and special rotor structure, this low speed permanent magnet motor offers the possibility of high torques, thanks to its unique construction and a torque density of 2.6 N.m/kg. This product is the first of its kind in the PM motor industry. It generates 450 watts at 200 rpm (torque of 23 nm) with more than 90% efficiency (depending on the operating point).

Parameter Value
Motor type Permanent magnet
Rotor topology Outer rotor (external rotor design)
Pole-pair numbers 22
Rated speed 700 rpm
Rated power 750 Watts
Rated torque 14 Nm
Efficiency 85% – 92%
Torque density 2.6 Nm/kg
Winding Concentrated in tooth
Weight 5.5 Kg
  • Lighter rotor and stator
  • High torque density
  • Double-ended shaft option
  • Increased long-term reliability
  • Low cogging and ripple torque
  • Low electro-magnetic audible noise
  • Optimum protection against moisture

External Rotor Motor