As the electric energy revolution gathers pace and renewable sources replace fossil fuels, it is clear that power electronics are likely to become an inseparable and vital part of nearly all future electric storage and propulsion systems, not least in the energy and automotive sector. Although significant progress has already been made, further developments in the field of power electronics, are likely to continue at an unprecedented rate.

High Speed Drive

Emerging power sources such as micro gas turbines, solar panels and wind turbines are changing the landscape of energy supply and usage. Taking advantage of our in-house capabilities, our high-speed motor drive has been designed and developed for use with Samad Power’s micro gas turbine family of micro CHP systems.

This drive can be configured for torque or speed control using a sensor-less Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Active Front End (AFE) structure. The drive’s performance and efficiency has been steadily improved so that it can provide up to 200,000 rpm for permanent magnet motor applications.

Our technology is compatible with almost all high-speed applications for driving permanent magnet motors. This drive is designed to power up to 3200W, output frequency of 3.3 kHz and single-phase input. The drive can be customised to increase the power and speed to meet your specifications.

Parameter Value
Input voltage 210-250 Vrms (50Hz/60Hz)
Output voltage 0-380 VAC
Rated power 2200 W
Maximum Power 2800 W
Speed 0-200,000 rpm
Operation range 4-Quadrant
Maximum Current 16 A
DC Link voltage 400 V
Operation temperature 0 – 40 °C
Efficiency 93%
  • Reduced engine losses due to use of motor sine flow
  • Increased engine life over other control methods
  • Use of double-sided input and double-sided energy rectifier
  • Easy communication via CAN or Serial port with PC based GUI
  • Auto tuning mode of engine parameters for better torque control
  • Harmonics below 3% input current and power factor higher than 98%
  • Optimal performance by removing load disturbances and high frequency vibration

Low Speed Drive

Intended for low cost applications, this sensor-less control structure provides a reliable and cost-effective solution by removing the position sensor of the rotor. With our highly qualified engineering team and in-house development capabilities, we can customise a viable drive system for your needs. A variety of applications can be covered using our technology including: evaporative cooling, ventilation, washing machines, household appliances, and industrial low-power engines.

Parameter Value
Maximum output power 1200 W
Input voltage 185-265 VAC
Maximum frequency 500 Hz
Maximum output voltage 240 VAC
Continuous current 3.5 Arms
Efficiency 92% (96% without PFC)
Input current harmonic < 10%
Modulation Sinusoidal
Communication interface Modbus RS-485 / Power Line communication (PLC)
Operating temperature -20 to 55 ⁰C
  • Variable speed control
  • Speed control mode with accuracy of 1%
  • Automatic ambient temperature offset
  • Closed loop control method from 0.5 HZ
  • Induction and Permanent Magnet Motor Support