Turbo Green Burner

Micro CHP Bakery Oven Burner

Based on Samad Power’s micro gas turbine technology, Turbo Green Burner has been developed to produce flameless heat for use in bakeries while also generating electricity, which can be used within the bakery system or exported back to the electricity grid. TGB is a grid-independent, multi-fuel CHP burner with battery storage based on Samad’s MGT10 engine that is suitable for Bakeries and other heat-led industrial processing applications, as well as local off-grid generators for heat and electricity supply.

Micro CHP Bakery Oven Burner

System Features

  • Easy To Operate
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Low Exhaust Emission
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Quiet And No Vibrations
  • Generates 3.6 To 12 KW Electricity
  • Minimal Infrastructure Requirements
  • Available For Natural Gas / Diesel / Bio-Gas / LNG / Kerosin

Technical Specifications