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Turbogenerator Solutions Applying Micro Gas Turbine Technology

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1    Solar Turbo CHP

Solar Turbo project aims to integrate micro Turbine technology with Concentrated Solar Power system making power available in remote locations.

2    Hydrogen micro CHP

Samad Power has recently focused on use of Hydrogen in its systems as an alternative zero – carbon version of its micro CHP boiler.

3    Turbo Green Burner

Based on Samad Power’s micro Turbine technology, Turbo Green Burner has been developed for use in bakeries while also generating electricity.

4    Certification and Field Trial

Following the successful operation and test in the lab environment, our micro turbine CHP boiler is now going through CE certification and field trial.


TwinGen Boiler

A first of its kind Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Boiler, running on both Natural Gas and Hydrogen, based on Samad’s MGT2 micro gas turbine technology with 2kW electrical and 30kW thermal output. TwinGen is suitable for large domestic and small commercial premises such as health centres, care homes, fitness centres and schools.

TwinGen Boiler

Turbo Green Burner

A grid-independent, multi-fuel CHP burner with battery storage based on Samad’s MGT10 engine with 10kW electrical and 100kW thermal output. TGB is suitable for Bakeries and other heat-led industrial processing applications, as well as local off-grid generators for heat and electricity supply, hence a solution for remote locations

turbo green burner



Relying on our empirical design knowledge built over decades of experience and highly-skilled engineering team, we are the right partner for your turbomachinery design, from a 1D design and analysis to prototype parts and experimental testing.

Combustor Design

Samad Power has a highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers in the field of gas turbine combustion, reinforced by experimental facilities, ready to support and complement your design needs, including Can/Annular, DLE, and multi fuel capability.


Designing high speed rotational parts requires perfect rotor dynamic design for a reliable high-speed operation of the shaft assembly. We believe that our engineering team possess the right skills and expertise for calculating the complete dynamical performance of rotors.

Latest News

Concentrated Solar Power Micro Gas Turbine

December 2019

Samad Power was awarded £413 grant to develop a solar turbo CHP unit for Sub Saharan African market with a number of UK and South African partners, including University of Pretoria (South Africa), University of Birmingham, Cranfield University as academic partners and Brits Energy (UK) and LEMS Energy Management Services (South Africa) as commercial partners, for a semi-renewable off-grid CHP unit based on micro gas turbine with parabolic solar dish, thermal storage, battery storage, and multi-fuel combustion.